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Leaf Only Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured 16oz is a whole leaf cigarette tobacco. This Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured leaf has a very light, bright yellow color, and arrives with a heavenly fresh, unmistakable aroma - bringing back memories of the tobacco leaf before the main-stream commercial usage of today.

Certified Organic. - Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco Leaf is commonly used in cigarette, pipe, and hookah tobacco blends.

- Minor spots/discolorations on Virginia Flue Cured leaves are normal and are no cause for concern.

- Also known as Brightleaf Tobacco, Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco is one of the most commonly used tobacco leaves in the industry, as it is a major component in cigarette blends for almost every type of cigarette, and is used as hookah and pipe tobacco all over the world.

Leaf Only Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured 16oz


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